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There's no box you could put me in so when I tell you that I am a yoga teacher, counselor, medium, empath and spiritual seeker, immediate erase the image you just created in your mind. I'm also an edgy, sensualists that has her gothic witchy side and her granola tree hugging, hiker side. I'm a poet and spoken word artist. I'm a Sagittarius with a Scorpio moon and Leo rising born from religious, Italian parents. I have zero tolerance for superficiality, bull shit and fluff. I love and live in music. And the shit you call conspiracy, well I dove down that rabbit hole 26 years ago and I've been filtering through and trying to decipher the smoke screen and the conceivable truth ever since. But my main motivation for this podcast is to speak my truth. As a women, a survivor of sexual abuse, a single mother, a mystic, I know that empowerment comes from not being afraid to show my true self and to express my life experience. I've been counseling students and clients to do this very thing and I've been a bit of a hypocrite knowing deep down I'm scared to really be seen for the whole me. I'm a devil and an angel. I am a star seed and a human that struggles with depression. I am open minded and opinionated. All I can say is that pandoras box is open and it's going to be a wild ride.

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